DCG Output 4

What should I include?

  • Make sure you follow the filing structure above. You get 4 marks for just doing this


Part Files

  • You should have created a minimum of 5 parts (3 for O.L).
  • Part files must be fully defined (black not blue coloured).
  • All sketches and features renamed on the history tree, name them to relate what they are used for eg ‘Extrude 2’ becomes ‘Mounting Bracket’ etc
  • All parts should be given a colour or a texture.


  • It typically takes 3 mates to fully assemble any two parts together
  • The use of ‘advanced mates’ will assist you in creating and assembly with moving parts
  • The use of the ‘float‘ and ‘fix‘ function to release or fix any parts inserted into the assembly. Typically only one part should be fixed
  • When you insert your parts in to the assembly and they are in a different orientation its because you created them on the incorrect view plan at the very beginning, this cannot be altered or edited. Using the ‘rotate‘ command to move the part as best as you can before mating.


  • This is an extremely easy step for a guaranteed 2 marks. When you have completed your parts and assembly just ‘save as’ and  change the ‘file type‘ to e-drawing.

Output 3                                               Output 5