Past Pupils

Irish Distillers


1. Name:Aaron McDonagh

2. Age:21

3. Graduated6A Class of 2012

4. From :Cushlawn Park

5. QualificationsStudying A BA of Business Studies. In my 3rd year which is a 12 month placement with Irish Distillers Pernod Ricard

6. Current JobInterning with Irish Distillers Pernod Ricard/ Administrator & Editor of Jameson social media content

7. Most relevant subject in KCS that helped you get where you are now: Business Studies – Ms Mynes provided me with great insight into the Business world. Geography – picked up Geography as an extra subject without this picking up subject and earning a C1 I wouldn’t have been eligible for a course in DCU.

8. Favourite memory of KCSMy trip away to Kenya in my last year. I was picked to go on a 10 day trip to Kenya to our link school in Londiani where we built stoves. This experience completely changed my whole outlook on life and helped open so many doors for me.

9. Phrase that will always remind you of KCS or Teacher catchphrase that is synonymous with KCS:“Fredo Bars” there is nothing more I can say.

10. Any advice you’d give to students in KCSMake the most of it! The teachers are there to help educate and guide you in the right direction but it is up to you to put in the effort.

I remember the summer before 6th year when I said to my family and friends that I was going to start studying from day 1 in 6th year, they all laughed, so did I to be honest with you. Nonetheless I still stuck to my word and hit the ground running in 6th year. I knew I wanted to go to college to get a qualification in order for me to get a good job. I looked up the college and course I wanted to do and worked towards achieving the requirements for my course with the help and guidance of Mr Nolan.

I’m now interning in the International Marketing department for Irish Distillers Pernod Ricard, (Jameson). My role is to upload/update and monitor/control all social media content for Jameson.

6th year is only a tiny fraction of your life that can influence so much more.

Dave n PepsiCo








1. Name: David Grehan

2. Age: 32

3. Graduated: 6D class of 2000

4. From/Living now: Cushlawn Park/Brisbane, Australia

5. Qualifications: Cert/Diploma in ElectroMechanical Engineering (IT Tallaght) and Honours Degree in Manufacturing Engineering (IT Tallaght) 2000-2005

6. Current Job: Project Engineer for PepsiCo Australia and New Zealand 2011-present

7. Most relevant subject in KCS that helped you get where you are now: Construction Studies – Mr Murphy taught me everything I needed to know to get my brain thinking like an engineer.

8. Favourite memory of KCS: Beating the beep test in PE…. Joking but that was great!! Being accepted to the ACE program which gave me opportunities to experience college life and assisted me with study classes to help me prepare for the leaving cert and achieve my goal of studying engineering.

9. Phrase that will always remind you of KCS or Teacher catchphrase that is synonymous with KCS: For a slogan it’s got to be the concourse banner “There are no strangers here only friends you’ve never met” – That might not be the exact wording but that’s the jist of it! It sticks with you when you leave because of the great friendships that you develop at KCS.

10. Any advice you’d give to students in KCS: Have fun, get the head down and achieve great things. What you do now will define what you do in the future! It might seem a long way away but before you know it you’ll be sitting the leaving cert and graduating. There are many options after school and even if you don’t know exactly what you want to do when you leave KCS make sure that the results and knowledge you leave with give you the most possible opportunities for your future. For me I knew I wanted to be an engineer. My time in KCS and the support I received while there and after I left set me up to succeed and I never thought that 15 years later. I’d be halfway around the world working on multi-million dollar projects as an engineer for one of the world’s largest food and beverage companies.