DCG Output 1

What do you need to include?

  • You need to show a broad range of images that back up what you are saying. The more variety the better. If you are asked to do a timeline investigation, use images to chart significant changes in design and style to tell a story.
  • You must talk about¬†physical form (aesthetics), colour, size, shape, materials,¬† features and ergonomics.
  • You need to have a logical layout or flow to the page that a reader can understand. The use of arrows can be very useful.
  • You must have a title on each page eg Output 1 – Design Research and your exam number must be present. Often the lower left or right corner is best as its not critical information.
  • Use as much primary research as possible. This is sketching and photographs that you have taken yourself. This may involve going to the shops and taking a number of pictures or sketching an item you have seen.
  • Use less secondary research eg google images, websites. Anybody can copy an image from the internet and the more you use the less unique your project will be. Any images use of the internet will need to be referenced later so remember to copy the link or the website. Best to store them in a separate word document.
  • Ordinary Level – 1 A3 Page
  • Higher Level – 2 A3 Pages

Output 2