DCG Output 2

What should I include?

  • Images of your chosen designs – One you will be definitely designing on Solidworks and the other design should differ greatly. This will give you plenty to contrast and compare.
  • Discuss specifically how these two designs differ under the following headings: physical form (aesthetics), colour, size, shape, materials,  features and ergonomics.
  • Use sketching to focus or zoom in on areas of interest in the designs
  • Try to show the design spilt into the individual parts that you will make in Solidworks
  • Show the main dimensions (Height, width, depth) or try to give a concept of size by showing it beside an everyday item
  • Use as much primary sources as you can
  • Main dimensions (ie, height, diameter)
  • Justification as why you picked you design. One or two sentences will do
  • Exam number and title as before
  • Higher Level – 2-3 A3 Pages
  • Ordinary Level – 2 A3 Pages

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