Lunch Club

Lunch Club also takes place in the Dining room area and is very popular with students who live too far away from the school to travel home for lunch. Lunches are provided by Glanmore Foods and funded through the School Completion Programme so at the moment there is no charge to avail of this service. Huge selections of healthy lunches are available and student can order what lunch they want.

During Lunch Club students avail of the library facilities where they can

  • use the computers
  • rent out or read books
  • play numerous of games ranging from board games to pool
  • fuse ball
  • do their homework
  • listen to music
  • relax and chat with friends.


Student Account

The Lunch Club is where students come to have their lunch because they live too far away from school to go home or cannot go home for lunch. The Club starts at 12.30pm where we have our lunch in the Dining Room. The Dining Room is lovely and very comfortable. There are sofas, beanbags and comfortable chairs to sit on. The people who run lunch club are very kind, we get great hospitality from Kim, Ms Carley and Geraldine as well as all the other students. We get to order our own lunch we have lots of different choices such as pasta, rolls, sandwiches, wraps, fruit, snacks and drinks. From 1.00 until 1.25 we go to the library where we get to play pool, fuse ball, computers, and board games.  We can also listen to music, catch up on homework or just relax with friends. I like going to the Lunch Club Kim, Ms Charley and Geraldine are all very nice and thank you for running the Lunch Club for us.

 By Jade Lynch and Marie Roche