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The Home School Community Liaison Scheme,(HSCL), was established in the Autumn of 1990.The underlying policy of the scheme is one that seeks to promote partnership between parents and teachers.The purpose of this partnership is to enhance the pupil’s learning opportunities and to promote their retention in the education system.

The Home School Community Liaison Scheme, (HSCL), is designed to establish a link between Parents/ guardians and school. The purpose of this partnership is to enhance the pupil’s learning opportunities and to promote their retention in the education system.  The purpose of H.S.C.L is to visit homes and be on hand to sort out a problem, offer advice, provide information and advocate for parents or find something out for them. The H.S.C. L`s role is to work with parents /guardians. The H.S.C.L does NOT become in school disciplinary issues unless requested to assist by the parent/ guardian and only in an advisory capacity.  The H.S.C.L also helps organise educational courses and social opportunities for parents.  It is the aim of the HSCL scheme that parents and guardians would be more involved in their local school and more involved in their child’s education.

Parents/ Guardians who have any concerns or issues with which they would like assistance should contact;

 Jim Evans @ School 014527447, Mobile 0892020996 or email [email protected]



To actively encourage and promote parental involvement in the school a variety of courses are available for parents, free of charge. The HSCL coordinator will organise a wide variety of classes and courses for parents/guardians throughout the school year. These courses in the main take place in the parents’ room in the school. Classes and courses are organised initially to bring parents/guardians into the school environment. HSCL coordinators carefully ensure that this is done in a non-threatening manner and that the whole experience is a safe, enjoyable and positive one. The HSCL teacher has a special role in supporting parents and will visit the homes of students during their time with us.

In the Current year 2017/17 courses in Computer use, Christmas Crafts, Mindfulness and Meditation, Cookery etc. are proposed. Any parent wishing to participate should contact Jim Evans by methods above.

Transfer DAY/ Open Evening

Transfer Day went ahead on 19th September 2016 for the 6th class students in Knockmore Senior School and on 20th September 2016 for the 6th class students from Sacred Heart S.N.S. Students were given a guided tour of the school which included visits to the Science, Computers, Home Economics. In the Science rooms, students were invited to take part in various experiments and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

Another stop on the Transfer Day tour was in the Sports Hall, where students took part in sports activities organised by the P.E. Department. The 6th class students were accompanied on their tour by members of the K.C.S. TY Class, as well as their own class teachers.

The 6th class students were a credit to both their schools and to their families and we look forward to working with them in September 2016 as the new 1st Years of Killinarden Community School.

On the evening of Tuesday 20th Open Evening was held in KCS, when students got an opportunity to visit the school with parents/guardians. A great variety of displays covering all subject areas were on show thanks to the hard work of all staff. Any student who attended both the transfer and the Open Evening were eligible for a draw to win a tablet thanks to SCP.

Parents Association

 In March 2013, we had the first meeting of the K.C.S. Parents Association. It has been many years since we have had a Parents Association in K.C.S. It was very encouraging to see how focused and enthusiastic the group were in taking on their new role. The group discussed many interesting and innovative ideas that we hope to initiate from September 2013 and beyond.

It is heartening to see the enthusiasm and drive of the group. K.C.S. has always had an excellent relationship with the parents of Killinarden and the surrounding areas and it acknowledges their support and contribution to the school community. It is hoped that the K.C.S. Parents Association will further enhance this.


The Potholes programme continues to go from strength to strength.  Parents from K.C.S along with their fellow parents from Mount Seskin and St Aidan`s participate in cultural and educational trips throughout the year. The trips promote positive experiences and follow up trips with parents and their children. Trips have involved visits to;

Dublin’s museums and a historical Dublin bus tour.

National Botanic Gardens

Kilmainham Jail

National Museum of Ireland Collins Barracks,

The Mummies of St. Michans’s Crypt,

Irish Monastic History of Glendalough

The National Gallery and The National Archaeology museum.