Rock School and Drumming

Events November 7, 2016

Rock School

KCS, with the support of Music Generation and Suburban Sounds, has started its very own Rock School. A group of our very talented musicians are getting the opportunity to showcase the hard work they have done in their music classes and to bring their musical knowledge to a new level.

Under the guidance of Martin Moran and his team our students are getting the chance to arrange and perform songs they have written and to have great fun along the way. KCS really appreciates this wonderful opportunity that our students are being given and look forward to very bright futures for our young rock stars.



As part of the TY Music Appreciation Programme and JCSP, Killinarden Community School welcomed Neil Dowling of ‘Drum Nature’ to our school. Neil ran very lively drumming sessions with the 1st Year JCSP classes and TY students. Great fun was had by all as the students learned more about African music while also learning how to play various African drums. Thanks to Neil for a great experience for both the students and teachers.