World War 2 Exhibition September 2012

Events October 23, 2012

Irish History Live with Michael Moylan

On Tuesday 25th September KCS Library had its first visitor of the year, Michael Moylan from Irish History Live. Michael presented history workshops to students from all years, about the Titanic and about World War II. He brought many props, costumes, replicas and models and involved students and staff in each show.

2nd – 6th years attended shows on World War II. They learned about the tactics and weapons used by various countries in World War II, focusing particularly on the history and development of weapons throughout the ages. Once again Michael asked students to join in and they tried on uniforms worn by different sides in the war. Everyone enjoyed learning about the development of weapons, especially inspecting the many replicas Michael had brought! Michael made each show exciting and lively; he was full of energy and certainly brought history to life for us on the day.

M. Flynn