The aims of the History Department of KCS are to make historical study and analysis interesting, challenging and relevant whilst preparing students for the Junior and Leaving Certificate exams. A wide range of topics from Irish, European and World history are taught and particular emphasis is placed on a variety of teaching methods so as to keep the learning of History enjoyable for all students.

Students will have access to excellent IT and AV facilities and will be helped to develop the relevant skills of the historian regarding

  • Research
  • Collating information
  • Indexing
  • Source interpretation
  • Expression

Students will have the opportunity to visit historical sites/museums and to present individual and group research projects.

Samples of Topics chosen by KCS Leaving Cert Students for the compulsory Research Project (20% of final result):

  • The private life of Adolf Hitler
  • The assassination of JF Kennedy
  • Who was “Jack the Ripper”?
  • The historical significance of the Battle of the Boyne
  • The Flapper Movement
  • St Maelruan’s Monastery
  • The Beatles’ contribution to rock music
  • The Manchester United Air Crash
  • An Irishman in Hitler’s SS
  • The historical significance of Vidal Sasoon

As a History Department we encourage each student to reach the highest academic standards according to his or her potential. It is also our sincere desire to develop students’ appreciation that all individuals play a role in history and to ensure that each student is aware of his/her important place in society.

As well as preparing for examinations we strive to prepare students for active citizenship by encouraging a respect for their local, national and international heritage.

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