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Our Art Department provides the encironment and the educational opportunities for all our students to engage in creative activities. We pursue the Junior Certificate, Leaving Certificate Traditional and Leaving Certificate Applied, with all participating students enjoying success in their respective exams.

We promote creativity at every opportunity and our cross-curricular programme is extensive. We have involved in;

  • Creative Activity in the promotion of literacy
  • Our ‘Make-a-Book’, “War Horse” 3D model and worksheets was an inspirational activity among 1st Years
  • The ‘Titanic Project; promoted positive research and investigation through a series of creative 2D classroom workshops

All students who express an interest in art, craft and design are shown a commitment by teaching staff to develop a challenging, rewarding and fulfilling experience through sketch book activity and related art work.’

The Art Area plays a major role in K.C.S.’s concert/musicals through stage set-design and painting.

K.C.S. is a large, bright and cheerful area prepared for all types of creative activity and welcoming to committed students who are ready to take responsibility for shaping their education.

Our 5th Years completed a ‘Personal Portrait Project’ and a series of stylised posters – all dramatic visual statements