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Killinarden Community School aims to provide a supportive and caring environment where students are encouraged to develop to their full potential.linguistic and cultural diversity is respected and KCS is committed to promoting an inclusive school environment for all students.KCS has a highly skilled staff who are very dedicated to the students in their care.KCS is fortunate to have Special Needs Assistants assigned to specific students or classes and Ancillary Staff who provide secretarial,receptionist and caretaking supports for KCS and the students.

Career Guidance

Students in KCS are given full encouragement and support with regard to their careers and further education options, both as a time-tabled subject and individually. Students are assisted in developing study plans and in completing a variety of college and programme applications.

UCD Access Centre

This is a link KCS has with University College, Dublin to introduce our students to 3rd level education. UCD Access Centre provides opportunities for 2nd and 5th year students to view the college and attend summer schools in UCD. It also runs a Mentoring Programme for 5th year students.

Supervised Study

All year round, supervised study is available to students after school, free of charge.

Extra Courses

Additional courses are provided for students which can enhance their employment opportunities. These include computer courses, First Aid qualifications and ‘Safepass’.

Mathematics Link with UCD

Through the Undergraduate Ambassadors Scheme, a university student undertakes mathematical activities with our students. This helps to link second and third level education.

Accessing College Education (ACE)

ACE is an initiative that provides a range of supports to a targeted group of Leaving Certificate students. The support includes extra study classes, study skills workshops, visits to universities and colleges, Easter revision courses and the possibility of student scholarships. Students are selected for the programme on the basis of academic achievement and attendance. Past ACE students have gone on to study at IT Tallaght, UCD, Trinity College, NUI Maynooth, DIT and DCU to name a few.

Home School Community Liaison (HSCL)

We actively encourage and promote parental involvement in the school and a variety of courses are available for parents, free of charge. The HSCL teacher has a special role in supporting parents and visits the homes of all our students during their time with us.

Student Journal

As well as being a useful resource for recording homework, this is a vital communication channel between home and school. Each student must have their journal every day and parents are encouraged to check and sign the journal weekly.

Care Team

The Care Team is part of the student support system in Killinarden Community School.That system covers a range of supports that cater for the learning,social,emotional and behavioural needs of our pupils.The care team is composed of the Principal/Deputy Principal,the five Year Heads,the Guidance Counsellors,the Chaplain,the H.S.C.L. teacher and the S.C.P. project worker.One of the above members acts as co-ordinator and liaises,for the purposes of effecient communication,with other relevant staff eg S.P.H.E. co-ordinatior,Special needs co-ordinator etc.The care team is timetabled to meet every two weeks as Killinarden Community School values highly the pastoral welfare of all our students.

Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care is an essential element of the education of each student. The Tutor plays a central role in fostering a positive relationship with each class. The weekly class of Social, Personal and Health Education (SPHE) is an integral part of the school’s pastoral care and student development programme.


The school chaplain is a faith presence in KCS and carries out this role by organising retreats and liturgies as well as being an integral part of the Religious Education Department.

The school Chaplain in Killinarden Community School is nominated by the Archbishop of the Dublin Diocese to ensure that the spiritual needs of the students and staff are catered for here in Killinarden Community School. To do this the chaplain organises retreats for all non-exam pupils every year as well as various liturgies to celebrate significant dates in the church calendar (e.g. St. Vincent de Paul day, Memorial service in November, Ash Wednesday and Lenten Liturgies, Graduation Mass).

The chaplain also promotes the link between the local parish and the school by inviting the priests in the parish to lead us in our liturgies and by getting our students involved in various projects running in the parish.

The chaplain is also part of the Care Team in Killinarden Community School and offers support to or pupils when needed particularly at times of bereavement.


The school counsellors offer one-to-one counselling for students who may be experiencing difficulties. The school also facilitates group activities for students who are experiencing bereavement through loss or separation.

School Completion Programme

The aim of SCP is to encourage school attendance and participation in extra-curricular activities. Some of the activities in KCS are the Breakfast Club, Drama Workshops, Girls Club, Boys Sports Group, Personal Skills programme, After School Sports and a ‘Holiday and Summer Project’.

English Language Support

This support is available for students who speak English as a Additional Language (EAL) to assist these students to access the curriculum and to become fully integrated into the school community. KCS promotes an intercultural environment which recognises the cultural identity of each EAL student.

Learning Support for Students with Special Educational Needs

The Learning Support Department aims to support students in all aspects of their education, especially literacy, numeracy and social skills. Learning Support helps to recognise the talents of each individual student and works with them in developing these talents throughout their school life.

Behavioural Support

This support is designed to meet the needs of students whom may experience challenges to their learning. Part of this support occurs through a Mentoring Programme which involves Senior Cycle students assisting Junior Cycle students.

The Behaviour Support Department in Killinarden CS give their support in the improvement of student behaviour through the following interventions:

  1. Level 1 Whole School approach
  2. Level  2 Support
  3. Level 3 Support

Level 1 and Level 2 Support

This is low level targeted intervention which may involve:

  • Behaviour Support Classroom teachers working in the classroom supporting students that have engaged in K2 support
  • First Year Induction and Mentor programme – explicitly teaching first years the rules and routines of  KCS
  • Working on literacy and numeracy programmes as a strategy to promote positive behaviour.
  • Whole class supports given to teachers through delivering behaviour skills programmes to challenging classes
  • Check and Connect Programme students may be referred to K2 for 1 class per week for a set number of sessions

Level 3 Support (intensive Programme)

Procedure for referring student to K2 classroom

A student is referred to the Behaviour Support Classroom when other interventions have been exhausted (behaviour support cards, counselling etc.)

The year head refers student for intensive support if they fit the following criteria:

  • A number of teachers have reported that this students’ behaviour disrupts      teaching and learning
  • The student has been suspended/sent home this term
  • The student has been on repeated conduct sheets
  • The student has been repeatedly removed from classes for disrupting teaching      and learning 

Level 3 procedures

  • Student Learning Behaviour Checklists are distributed to all subject teachers
  • Behaviour support plan designed in consultation with parent and student. Teachers are informed of Behaviour Improvement Targets through the K2 behaviour support book. The targets are reviewed during the cycle.
  • Students are withdrawn from some mainstream classes and receive intensive supports for a period of 6-8 weeks.
  • Reintegration plans will be drawn up by the BSC team and distributed to all teachers
  • The students will maintain a link with K2 via the Check and Connect programme.