School Show 2013 – Hollywood to Bollywood

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Over the past number of years there has been a great tradition of a school show and this year is no exception. Ms Mynes’s and co production of  “Hollywood to Bollywood”  has just completed its final run to great acclaim. It was a fanatastic show greatly enjoyed by all involved and those who viewed it.  Great thanks must be given to all those involved and every little task in making the show is greatly appreciated by everyone. We are already looking forward to next years show!

Video Clips of the show:

  1. Dont Stop Believin 
  2. Dance Factory
  3. The smile on your face – (Martin Maughan)
  4. Someone I used to know – (Dylan Quinn and Savannah Cleary)
  5. Dance Factory 
  6. Primadonna Girl
  7.  Fire – Jade McCarney
  8. Trilogy – Aidan Gavin + Adam Tracey
  9. Grease Mix
  10. Black Heart – Nadine, Jade + Savannah
  11. One Direction
  12. Josh King + Adam Tracey
  13.  J Ho
  14. Closing Number
  15. Teacher’s One Direction