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March 2006


Killinarden Commuity School 

The Management of Student Mobile Phones 

 Mobile Phone Policy

1.       Phone must be powered off on entering the school grounds.

2.       Phones that are not powered off or come to the attention of a member of staff will be confiscated.

3.       Removal of the SIM card before handling over the phone is not allowed and will result in suspension.

4.       Refusal to hand over a mobile phone will result in automatic suspension.

5.       Confiscated phones will be handed back to parents only.  Phones will not be available for collection by parents until the next school day.  Parents may collect confiscated phones from the Principal by appointment.

6.       The use of camera phones is strictly prohibited and the recording of images or sound recording relating to school events or activities is a serious infringement of everyone’s right to privacy.

7.       Students who have their phones confiscated more than once will be suspended on each repeat occasion.

8.       The school is not responsible for nay mobile phone on school property and if a phone is lost or stolen, unfortunately, the school will not be in a position to spend time on its recovery.

9.       This policy also applies to the use of iPods, mp3 players, cameras, etc.