Environmental and Social Studies

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Environmental and Social Studies (ESS) is a multidisciplinary course drawing together the disciplines of History, Geography and Civics in a thematic approach to learning. Students will study such themes as:

• The immediate social and physical environment;
• human needs, different ways of life and social groupings;
• issues relating to the world’s natural resources and to conservation;
• patterns and examples of human settlement, historical and present, rural and urban; – causes and resolution of conflict;
• Contemporary social, cultural, environmental and economic issues.

At KCS, ESS is taught at both Honours and Ordinary Junior Certificate levels and each student will be encouraged to reach his/her highest potential through a wide variety of teaching methods. Particular emphasis will be placed on developing project skills in preparation for completing individual Geography and History projects which account for 40% of the Junior Certificate Grade.
ESS teachers aim to enhance a wider understanding of the natural, physical and human world we live in by initially focusing on students’ own personal and local experiences. This is done as a means of developing an interest in historical issues, national/international cultures and geographical areas. To facilitate this and to develop the relevant skills of History and Geography, ESS students will have access to a wide variety of Information Technology and Media in the classroom and designated IT rooms