1st Soccer Tournament

Soccer, Sport November 22, 2017

Well done to 5L who organised a football tournament for 20 first years as part of their leisure & recreation task. Kathleen started off the tournament by welcoming everyone & wishing them the best. Luke managed to keep all the games following smoothly, and has shown some real promise as a referee. He was helped by the his sideline staff Ross (time keeping) & Adam (score keeper). Amy was the official photographer on the day. Team managers were Gavin, Eric, Dean K, Dean B & Megan. Caroline & Natalie were in charge of refreshments which were well deserved after six games and the final. Dean & Megan presented the yellow team with their medals. Finally Kathleen thanked all the first years for taking part. A real team effort by everyone in the class.
Their next task to to type up a report on the event 😊