School Bank

Events, News October 12, 2017

The school Bank is open here in KCS again this year for 8 weeks only (every Tuesday).

This is a brilliant opportunity to open a bank account and not one to be missed.

There are many benefits to having a bank account:

  • Top up mobile phones online
  • Shop online
  • You get your own debit card
  • You don’t have to carry cash
  • You have an account for your wages to pay into when you get a job
  • Remember this is free banking – there are no hidden charges because it is a student account


What’s required?

  • Signed application form, €5 to open account and your mobile phone or a working email.


****Remember if we open 100 accounts, we will get tickets to an Ireland game in the Aviva****

*****Tickets this year were for the Ireland V Moldova game*****