School Show 2014 – Sparks

Events February 20, 2015


Students from 1st to 6th year displayed some fantastic talents in this years school production “Sparks”. The Students performed 5 shows over 3 days. Audiences enjoyed singing, dancing and drama from very talented KCS students and staff. It was not only the students on the stage that impressed, Mr. Wright and his 5L  art class excelled with the stage design and as always the stage was fabulous . Ms. Murphy and her Hair and Beauty students had everyone looking like super stars on stage.The 5th and 6th year students who made up the stage crew made sure everything ran very smoothly with Ms. Thompson. A special thank you to the parents association and the student council for the raffle. To each and every staff member who made this years production as successful and enjoyable as it was a very big thank you. Well done everyone.Roll on next year!!!”


Performance / Act List

  1. Macklemore – All cast
  2. Broken Strings – Chelsea Berney, Ian Hanley + Marie Kelly
  3. Hopelessly Devoted To You – Zoe White
  4. Kim’s Dance Group
  5. Royals – Music Group
  6. The Majorette – Skylar Hoban
  7. All About The Bass – Stephanie H, Nadine R, Kirsty M + Nicole F
  8. Hey How You Doing? – Ellen Sunderland + Elizabeth Campbell
  9. Drama Group
  10. Kim’s Dance Group
  11. Ghost – Lauren Lee, Justine Harcourt + Jemma Fields
  12. Solo Dance – Nicole Ford
  13. Little Things – Ryan Dunne
  14. K.C.S Band – Ross Cullen, Jack, Mr P Kelly + Mr V Byrne
  15. The Dance – Martin ~Maughan
  16. Solo Dance – Jamie Griffin
  17. Jar of Hearts – Ellen Sunderland
  18. Irish Dancing – Lauren Bracken
  19. Grenade – Johanna Connors
  20. Dance – Off
  21. Happy – All Cast
  22. Jingle Bells – all Cast

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