Titanic Exhibition September 2012

Events October 23, 2012

Irish History Live with Michael Moylan

On Tuesday 25th September KCS Library had its first visitor of the year, Michael Moylan from Irish History Live. Michael presented history workshops to students from all years, about the Titanic and about World War II. He brought many props, costumes, replicas and models and involved students and staff in each show.

All first years attended shows on the history of the Titanic, covering everything from the building of the ship inBelfastto its sinking in theAtlanticin 1912. We dressed up as first, second and third class passengers and as members of the White Star Line crew, including Captain Smith. We learned how Morse code was used by the radio officers to signal other ships and what exactly happened as the ship filled with water and sunk into the ocean. Great fun was had by all, especially those who got to try on the uniforms and costumes from the Titanic era.

M. Flynn